Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sometimes I'm not Unified

IN Korean class we're learning the past tense and how to tell time and go shopping.

I went to hometime with the Camp Fulbright students and it was so great to see them outside of their traditional classroom setting; it was even better to be in the classroom and not be the one teaching and getting evaluated haha.

Last Friday was my second lesson for Camp Fulbright. After the first, I understood a lot more that structure was necessary in the classroom. The students were much more engaged and I had a better time getting them to interact. I taught a lesson on Slang and Interjections. Awesome!

This weekend I'm trying to decide between a trip out of town, a camping trip (which in Korea means sleeping in cabins), and doing archery on Saturday. Hopefully I'll get things figured out soon because the last thing I want is to get stuck at the University alone.

Socially things are going really well; I've started to find the people I really got along with here. We find out about our placements for our schools on August 4rth and I think we're all counting down the days. We won't know about our homestays though until a couple days before we leave Jungwon.

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