Sunday, July 4, 2010

Jungwon University

After a 14 hour flight we finally arrived an Incheon Airport at five in the morning (4pm East Coast time). However, the journey was far from over. A three hour bus ride later found us pulling up at Jungwon university, only 18 months old. Jungwon, located in beautiful Goesan, looks more like a government building than a college. It sports a humungous outdoor pool and male and female hot springs located within the central building. The bottom floor houses a beauty salon, convenience store, and table tennis room.

We're broken into pairs. Each pair shares a room that looks an awful lot like an iPod store, gleaming and white marble. There's a private bathroom per room and three beds (however we get to use the triples as doubles). After a lunch in the fancy dining hall, complete with chandeliers, we sat through a three hour meeting. There we were given the advice, a) Be flexible, b) expect change, and c) stay in the loop. According to the head of our program, "Whatever decision that is being made, even if it affects you, it's probably not about you."

My biggest fear, finding people I get along with, has been mostly assauged. I'm sticky from the 100% humidity and keep on forgetting to take my shoes off before I enter my bedroom. However I'm glad to be here in this beautiful foreign country, and I'm excited to have no idea what comes next.

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