Monday, July 5, 2010

Day Three

Our days here feel ridiculously long. A large part of that is probably the fact that the time difference (13 hours ahead from the East Coast) has me waking up at 3 every morning here. Yesterday we had our English placement test. It consisted of a blank sheet of paper that said to write a biography of yourself in Korean. I and many of my fellow teachers to be, turned it in blank.

We toured the town of Goesan yesterday doing a photo scavenger hunt, which included things such as taking a picture eating squid snacks. Late last night, I went back to town (the hundred percent humidity makes everyone look their most attractive ;)) and some of the Korean students at Jungwon took a bunch of us to noriban- Korean Karaoke. We all (twenty-thirty of us) filed into a big wooden room with neon lights everywhere and a flat screen tv in the center.

Today start our intensive Korean classes. Four hours each day. I'm hoping to be an alphabet pro by the time I graduate. We're meeting the head of Fulbright in Korea today. It's the 60 anniversary here, which is equivalent to other notorious American birthdays like the 100th.

The school is super gender segregated. The guys and the girls are on separate floors with gender segregated elevators. The laundry room is guys on one side and girls on the other. No alcohol or smoking on campus, although we were able to drink beer and soju during our GLEE club party where we socialized with a lot of the Korean students (meaning they taught us drinking games.)

I'm surprised to already feel so comfortable here.

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