Friday, July 2, 2010

24 Hour Countdown

7 pm July 1st 2010
-Last supper with my parents at the Red Lobster. I probably should have dined on cheese since seafood is something I won't have to do without in Korea. I hope I'm not lactose-intolerant when I get back.

-My friend Jackie came over for my last night. She brought brownies and a going away card. My stomach started to drop as I realized I was actually going to Korea the next day.

-I shook off my extravagant 5 hours of sleep and bounced bright eyed and bushy tailed to do a final check on my luggage and then awkwardly walk from room to room, convinced I've forgotten something.

-We head to the gym. I'm glad to get out some extra energy. Less than 12 hours to take off.

-We head to the airport. I furiously immerse myself in my Kindle to keep form brooding. Carsickness be damned.

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