Tuesday, August 31, 2010

We're Not in Kansas Anymore

Things that are different at Korean Schools (ironic because my second LP is about American High Schools)--> at least in my own experience
  • Students stay at school until 10 at the earliest in high school and sometimes as late as 11:30
  • Students are responsible for cleaning and maintaining the school
  • Toilet paper is thrown out instead of flushed
  • It's completely normal to brush your teeth during the day
  • You come to school whether or not you are sick (there are no excused absences)
  • For the death of a parent, spouse, child, you get less than a week off work
  • It's legal to punish students physically
  • Students do not drive until they are out of high school
  • Students either get a ride or walk to school
  • Students address teachers by their title, not their name
  • Bowing/Insa in the hallways
  • Group discussion is nonexistent
  • There are not many clubs and extracurriculars are nonexistent because there is no time
  • It is uncommon for students in different grades to mix or be friends
  • Boys and girls do not mix (this is also true of teacher dinners)

Something I noticed today: the Korean Anthropologie site has American Models, the US site uses Asian Models...everyone loves the exotic.


  1. Did you bring a toothbrust to school, too?

    Nice note at the end about the Anthropologie website!


  2. re Anthropologie: really? that's interesting...