Monday, August 23, 2010

In the Naj--> Teaching my First Classes

I've been to my school three times now!

Yesterday I very unsuccessfully introduced myself to all the teachers before quickly reverting to English. We have a teachers meeting every Monday for an hour and a half. It's all in Korean. However, I now know where the coffee pot is in the gyomoshil so it shouldnt be a problem!

I spent yesterday formulating my lesson plan. Basically it's the most narcissistic thing I've ever a resume but with pictures. It's an hour of Grace time. However, I did get a little nostalgic while collecting pictures from the last 8 years...It made me miss everyone a lot.

After school (how high school are we), I met up with the Naju Crew at our old standby, Dunkin Donuts. We chilled for a while and then went to the Moonbangoo (stationary store). Oh the life and times in Naju. Afterwards I spent over an hour and a half trying to find my way home. It all ended with me being rescued against my will by three old men who didn't speak any English and my 13 year old host brother who had to walk for twenty minutes trying to track me down and bring me home...I gave him Godiva chocolates that night. I'm not above buying affection withn food.

Today I had my first lessons!

The first on was an all girls class and went really well. I had my students filled out a survey and many of them said the class was really fun and that they liked me. The second class was co ed (meaning there were fiveboys out of 27 students). The boys mostly sat by themselves and there was a much less comfortable feel to this class; a lot of the students were very shy. I still have one more class to go and I'm praying I end it on a high note.

At some point this week my principal and co-teacher are coming to my homestay for dinner. I'm a little nervous about the burden this may be on my homestay family and the fact that I don't know any Korean, a fact emphasized on my hour and a half sojourn into the abyss of unilingualism. This weekend the Naju Crew plus a few are going to travel to Gwangju to sample the sights and tastes of Korean civilization...namely Outback Steakhouse, wine, and American movies.

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