Monday, December 13, 2010

Please Take Me Home

I went on a trip, a mini vacation if you will. It was great.

I began in Jeonju and spent some quality time with Sam. We visited Hanok Village and went ice skating and had a girls night talking in the quiet of the morning and watching Eternal Sunshine late into the night.

Yoon-Chan and I went to Busan for a couple days. We built a sandcastle on the beach and lounged around in our hotel. We both got sick and took subsequent days to require and take care of each other. We visited the aquarium full of ribbon eels and umbrella jellyfish. We went to a Buddhist temple by the sea. We ate Indian and Chinese food.

One night in Gwangju spent eating wine, brie, and cheese in the motel.

One day home spent without hot water or heat and teaching the kids via kPOP.

A weekend in Seoul in the Park Hyatt pretending to be richer than we can afford. Eating delicious food, enjoying my first good nights rest in weeks.

Now back to school and life in Naju. No heat most of the time, no food almost always, and no hot water since it's back to being broken. I forgot the difference between luke warm water and icy cold water. It's a big one.

Back to school where one of my teachers sprung 170 second grader assessments on me one week before the end of the semester, the week after the students take finals. I had promised them a movie, of which I spent time finding the Korean subtitiles, making 300 copies of a worksheet with different idioms, making a powerpoint to define and translate the idioms. Instead I spent all day making a verbally administered written test that takes the whole period. The teacher didn't explain to the class. All that good will I've been cultivating...culled in an instant with the words; Grace is giving you a written test (when she promised you a movie).

Fifteen Club Student assessments to write up, also which I didn't know about.

So much for an easy fun last week.

Only one week and two days until I'm out of here.
I can't wait.

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