Thursday, December 16, 2010

Countdown Continues

This week has been an emotional roller coaster.

Monday: had a break down after being told I had 200 second grade students to assess and 15 written reports of club students to write up. (I had to do it twice). They had forgotten to tell me they wanted me to do a speaking test for second graders (which takes three weeks to administer). Instead I made up SIX different tests for each second grade class which I administered verbally and then graded 200 of the written tests by today. Awesome.
Sobbed in the bathroom for like two hours and then escaped school into the rain for an hour. No heat, food, hot water in the homestay. Sweet. Hung out with Josh after school.

Tuesday: Had my second grade classes leave in silence after administering the written test...of which they were told, Grace is making you take a written test (the week after finals and I had promised them a movie). Who can blame them. Got sam gyup sal with josh and taylor after school.

Wednesday: Packed up all my stuff. Did my laundry. Sent out emails. Went with Josh and several of his coteachers. We went out for lunch and then visited Namwon, a traditional village built around the love story of Choonhyang. It was freezing but really beautiful. We went for dinner after and then one of his coteachers helped me Christmas shop for my school. I got an idea of how my idea of Korea and my experience here might have been really different given different circumstances.

Thursday: Long day. Spent the day writing evaluations and grading tests. Had the last Thirsty Thursday with the Naju Crew. I'm going to miss them.

Friday: Found out that the new subtitle file I had gotten still doesnt sync right. Had my students shouting at me to "minus, minus" even though that slowed them down and it was already slow. Was told I should have been teaching something important since an important visitor was at the school (they only told me this at the beginning of class).

This weekend I'm meeting James and some friends in Seoul. I hope this weekend fortifies me for my last few days here.

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