Tuesday, February 1, 2011

KoRoot and My Time in Seoul

Currently, I'm staying at KoRoot, a house for Korean adoptees who have returned to Seoul. There are perhaps currently 15 people in the house. It's mon won (less than ten dollars a night) and has breakfast (self-serve) and daily lunch (prepared), included. There's access to free internet, laundry, and phones in the hostel. Towels, bedding, and use of the kitchen are all complimentary. It's located by Koreana hotel in a quiet residential part of Seoul. I feel like it's the perfect place for me to rest, write, rejuvenate, and maybe learn how to regain some affection for Korea.

I've already met wonderful people, each with their own unique story. Never have I met so many adoptees, and specifically, not so many from all over the world. The people who run and work in the hostel are kind and have created a solid sense of community. Tomorrow we're all having a party to celebrate the Lunar New Year. I think this is what a homestay was supposed to be like for me. I can already see how it will be so easy to settle into a routine.

Each day I wake up early, take care of logistical things in the morning, eat lunch with the house, and then walk to a cafe up the hill. It's a beautiful fifteen minute walk, through this lovely gateway and old fashioned apartment complexes. The cafe I'm planning to frequent is incredibly homey and kitchy but in the best possible way. It's full of crafts and plays an electric mix of music; everything from current american pop, to korean ballads, to soft melodic instrumentals.

My hopes are to get a significant amount of writing done and prepare myself enough to return to Naju feeling ready to take on the next 5 months. I'm feeling hopeful and excited.

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